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  • Really "Reality"

    I'm not one for reality shows, but this one I do admit watching. There have been many nights I'd stay up just to watch this show. And I still don't know why I do. The show is about misery, yes, but it is also about retribution. You see there are bad people in this world, and Cheaters introduces us to them. Anyone who would rather engage in a long affair than seek help or an end to the relationship is deserving to have their face plastered on television for the whole world to watch. That's just my feelings on the matter. Bitter am I? Yes. But it is also fun to see how people react to being caught.

    While it's fun to see the confrontations, you have to remember that there is another human being involved, the one who was cheated on. They seem at first glad to be on television, but throughout the show as the evidence is gathered, they forget it's a show and the emotions come out. Yeah, it's funny to see to guys get into a fight or a woman turning evil and telling her former guy off, but you have to ask what kind of purpose does this show serve. I really don't know the answer to that question. All I know is that I feel sorry for the person who is asking for the investigation, but feel happy when they confront their former lover.

    I guess it all comes down to me believing that you have to be honest with your spouse/lover. Else, the whole world will know about you.

    Then again, the show is filmed locally for me, so maybe I'm just waiting to see someone I know.