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  • Guilty pleasure show yet again. I simply have to see this show when it comes on.

    I found this show by accident. I happen to be on the station and when I found out what the show concept was I got hooked. The confrontations are the best to watch. Folks try to act like they are not doing anything wrong, then get upset at the fact they were followed and try to shift the blame on the person who had them investigated.

    I like this show mainly because if you can't be big enough to end a relationship, then you need to be exposed for the punk you are. Can you tell I don't like people who cheat? LOL

    I don't like the shows where the folks face is being blurred out. You already got caught, no need to hide now!!!

    There was one show where a woman said "He is not married, he is not engaged, he is fair game." I wonder if she would feel the same way, if he cheated on her!!!