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  • Entertaining for us, helpful for the victims of infidelity.

    One of the very first episodes I ever saw of this show is where it's host was being stabbed on a boat!

    Cheaters follows suspects thought to be cheating on their partners.
    The narration is a little over the top, however this is one of the reasons I find the show humorous.

    The host has a strange was of saying the word Cheaters, which also provides many comedic moments throughout the show.

    Not that the victims and suspects aren't funny enough on their own. Shouting out things like "Who is you" and "This is not how it's suppose to work"

    Fights often break out, the police are sometimes called.

    What's really funny is when the victim takes the cheater back, after all that you are going to take them back?

    At the end of every show there is a follow up to previous sorries. Most of them are with the person who was caught cheating.