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  • The reality show that all others try to copy - even 6+ years later. And this show will never go out of style.

    This show is one of my all-time favorites. "Cheaters" is so different, that other reality shows out there try to copy this one - all the time. It's very informative, and they let the "Cheaters" clients know what's really going on within their relationships, so they may move forward with their lives. My favorite host is Tommy Grand. I love watching the old reruns of him as the host during the 1/2 hr. editions of (The Best of) "Cheaters". And of course, my favorite part of each show is the confrontation. Everyone's always so mad when they got a whole camera and security crew in their faces while catching them in the act. The cheater's explanation is usually crap. And alot of the time, there are fights and/or yelling involved between the "Cheaters" & the clients. This is REAL reality TV and it will never run out of material - since every case is unique.