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  • Cheaters is an American reality show that follows private investigators gathering evidence of infidelity from the accused, the accused are then traced and publicly humiliated, its just a matter of sitting back and watching the sparks fly!!!

    You either love it or hate it. For most of us its a guilty pleasure, we know we shouldnt make entertainment out of the arguments and misery take place, but we cant help it, its priceless TV aided by the presenter who makes things somewhat worse. The fights are the best and possibly the main reason why we watch the show, the cheering of the spectators when the camera crew enter a public building an catch the accused red handed. All the while we are waiting for the cheaters to get whats coming to them, public humiliaton, this is something you just cant beat and enjoy time and time again. For those of you who dont watch it, it is highly recommended. As you follow the cheaters you almost feel like you're the private investigator and you're going to get caught any minute.