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  • Sometimes its funny, sometimes its sad, sometimes its nauseating!!!

    Well, I have mixed feelings about Cheaters. Sometimes I like it to the point where I'm looking when its going to come on next and sometimes I avoid it like the plague. I like it first of all because it catches cheaters in the act, plain and simple. Another reason I like it is because sometimes it ends up being unintentionally funny when the cheaters get caught or whatever happens. I really don't think one person should bring a third party into their relationship so the fact that the hosts get in trouble sometimes are funny because they're basically there to cause trouble, but trouble for someone is giving someone else trouble and who knows what else, so seeing the hosts and the cheaters is entertaining, but the nauseating side usually comes within the investigation portion of the show. I don't really wanna see what the cheaters are doing in the apartment especially when it looks like something from a big porno movie. That I can do without. Just one episode like that will keep me away from Cheaters for a while and another thing that sometimes keeps me a way are the type of people featured on the show because there are times when you don't feel sympathy for the Cheater or the one being cheated on. God Bless their situation, but sometimes the individual that's seeking information could have already did the same thing or something similar. Overall, its touch and go with me, that's why I chose to give it a 5.