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  • Ever thought your partner is cheating on you? Cheaters can help expose them.

    Cheaters is a tv show all about exposing cheaters and their lovers. Cheaters is based on private investigators invading people's love lives to expose the truth on if they are having cheating flings or if the suspicions are false and should be thrown out. The show uses live on-the-spot cameras to record and capture the incriminating evidence which is shown to the complainant. It is then up to the person who filed the complaint to confront the couple. Things occasionally get ugly on the show but Cheaters staff tend to keep a handle on things. It is a good show to watch. I would recommend it to people who like to see shows with a bit of bite and punch in them (i.e. Jerry Springer). It is an entertaining show. I watch it whenever I can and have time to do so.