Season 2 Episode 12

Robert Andrew, Jeff Nowell

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Robert Andrew (Cari Wyatt/Carl Burmeister) He is 30/IT Manager. They've been dating for a year, 6 months ago they got engaged, things peaked and 2 months ago they hit rock bottom. She comes and goes, is remote and distant. She uses the hot tub when he's not home, he surprised her at work for lunch and she was out with another guy. She is 19/Home Depot Worker. Day 3 - Carl comes over, picks her up and they go to the Blue Goose Bar, eat on the patio, walk arm in arm, go back to her place and he leaves right away. Day 12 - She goes to Wendy's with Carl. Phone - She says she's doing nothing, just watching TV, but is distant. They leave Wendy's, he carries her piggy back and takes her home. Day 13 - They go to Sharky's Cafe to play pool, 30 minutes later they leave. She gets in his side of the truck and they make out in front of her house. Phone - He's in Philadelphia and has been calling for 2 hours and there was no answer. She says she was in the shower, her work schedule is whenever she wants, they'll call her when they want her. Day 21 - Carl comes over again, they fool around on the couch and get in the hot tub together. Phone - Rob says he'll be away 2 more days, she says she misses him and to come home early because she is doing nothing. He offers to take her to the beach and she blows him off. They make out in the hot tub. Briefing - 8:34pm. Confrontation - at Rob's house where Cari lives with him. They are in bed together in their underwear watching TV. Robert asks who he is. Carl says, "I knew she had a boyfriend and didn't care since she wasn't engaged." When he finds out that she was he says, "Cari, why did you lie to me?" He's wearing a bandana around his head and acts really odd. He slams his eyes shut every few seconds and twitches. She gets dressed, says she's sorry and it's not what you think. She can't believe Robert was spying on her. Carl leaves the room, kicks stuff in the hallway and comes back saying they should go outside and talk about it. Robert says the drug addict can have her. Carl gets pissed and swings at him. Rob tells her to pack up her crap and leave. She runs out and drives away. Carl says he doesn't know whose house it is, even though Rob says it's his. He takes his time leaving and says Rob says he can have the lying bitch. Rob can't trust her, she'll do it again and he locks the house up so he can go to Cheaters HQ to get his car. Carl comes back in his truck with Cari looking for a fight. Carl says he got what he wanted and tries to start a fight. Carl keeps taunting him and Cari wants to get her stuff, so Rob lets her in and Carl goes too. Carl then tries to start a fight with Rob inside. Eventually they drive off together and Carl calls him a loser and says Rob lost a hot girl. Afterwards - Robert kicked her out. Cari wanted a second chance, but he refused. Cari had to move back in with her parents. Carl says she fulfilled his sexual needs since he is a sex addict.

Jeff Nowell (Kacy Hooker/John Beck) He is 25/Computer Technician. They met at a restaurant where she worked as a hostess in the Fort Worth Stockyards. He saw her 1 or 2 times a week, everything was new, now she has no time for him. He thinks she's with a co-worker. If it's someone he doesn't know - OK. If it's someone he knows he'll go crazy. She is 22/Hostess. Day 1 - She leaves work and her co-worker John picks her up and they go to his place #1314 for 5 minutes. Day 6 - They walk down the road, go to a restaurant and speed off. Day 8 - John picks her up at home and she emerges in a skimpy outfit. They go to a bar. Phone - Kacy says her family came into town, they are going to a show, then around town, blowing him off completely. They go back to her place, hours later she comes out half naked and they are kissing. Briefing - 9:16pm. Confrontation - They leave a bar and are walking down the street. Kacy asks what's all this and laughs. John says they are just hanging out, only dating a little bit, didn't know she was dating Jeff and doesn't care. She can't believe all this. Jeff says it's over and she'd rather be with John anyway and they leave together and drive off. Jeff can't believe she said nothing. Afterwards - Jeff was depressed for a while. Kacy never felt close to Jeff, he gave her the creeps and couldn't take a hint. John says there are no hard feelings.

Sylvia Vargas - She is 26/Student. She was angry, mad, but got closure. It was time to move on and he acted like a victim. Then he hit her with divorce papers on 9/24/01. The other woman emailed Sylvia threatening her since they broke up because of Cheaters. People who say Cheaters exploits people just don't understand when you are being lied to and manipulated. She thanks Cheaters.
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