Season 2 Episode 14

Sandra Sanchez, Brent Frishmen

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 2002 on

Episode Recap

Sandra Sanchez (Jacob Sneed/Amanda Fritza) Day 1 - since the three of them live together a hidden camera inside shows Jacob jumping into bed with Amanda. Day 3 - he comes over, they make out and jumps into bed and they have sex. Phone - She says he left his cigarettes and he's in a rush to get them since he is broke and can't buy more. Day 4 - he hops the fence to see her, they make out and have sex again for 15 minutes. Phone - he says he's playing basketball near her house and wants to come over to shower. Briefing 3:14pm. Confrontation - at the apartment pool. The manager tells them to leave, they aren't supposed to be there. Amanda says he's happier with her and Sandra did it to her before and she doesn't make him happy. Why should she care about Sandra? Jacob says he loved Sandra and she meant a lot. Amanda pulls him along and they drive away in his truck. He suddenly comes back and Sandra asks how could he do this. He says he was going to tell her, he doesn't love Amanda, it's just sexual. He's sorry and cries on her shoulder then runs inside. Amanda comes back and says they are invading her privacy and lets Sandra live in her house for free. She cares about Jacob, has been with him a while, they love each other and want to be together. She goes inside and says Sandra cheated with her ex-boyfriend. Sandra has no idea what she's talking about and leaves. Afterwards - Sandra is somber, easily forgives them and wants counseling. Jacob says he wanted to, then says they were doomed since day 1. Amanda says what goes around, comes around and they're not friends anymore.

Brent Frishmen (Krystal Kemp/Gregg Scannel) He is 19/Camera Sales. They hung out a lot and then 2 years ago started dating. Two months ago, she didn't want to be with him, goes out alone, out all weekend, doesn't call. He hears rumors about her and doesn't want to invest time in a lie. She is 18/Retail Arts & Crafts. Day 3 - Gregg picks her up at home, they go to a school at night and play on the swings. Phone - Brent says he's getting off work early and she says he can only come over a little while since she has to go out with her mom. They kiss and he takes her home and then kiss on the doorstep. Day 8 - Gregg comes over again and hangs outside. Phone - Brent says he wants to come over, but she says she has to clean her room. He says he'll help, but she says he isn't allowed over. They hang out by his car. Day 13 - He picks her up with blankets in hand. They go to a park by a lake and have sex. Briefing 11:16pm - he's wearing a NIN shirt and laughs. Confrontation - at a park. She says Gregg is just a friend. Gregg didn't know about Brent. Brent tells Gregg he hopes he likes sloppy seconds. Krystal says that ain't right. Gregg says she ain't right. She wants to work it out, but Brent says he doesn't need her. Gregg walks away and cries. She admits to him that she was with Brent first. He wants to know if she'll leave Brent for him. She says no and wants Brent to give her a ride. He says no, walks away and says they are over. Gregg thought they were getting married and she was pregnant. He comes over and says he's sorry to Brent and drives her home. Afterwards - Brent has no sympathy for her, felt sorry for Gregg and he should stay away from her. Krystal says men caused her pain in the past and she wanted to give it back. Gregg says he was hurt so deeply that he may never recover. He would only stay with her if she was pregnant for the child's sake.

Jennifer McBride - She is 23. She first though the police were coming for them for being lewd. Ashley was shocked she was with a man. She expected to get caught and they didn't talk again because he never talked to her face to face. She doesn't like talking on the phone. Brian is not open minded about her deviant, anything goes sex life. She was amazed he would refuse her threesome offer and thought no man would. Being with a woman is so different, men can't offer things. Ashley is just casual, a play toy, everyone needs a toybox. If she was in the same situation again if there's no communication then there's no relationship. He was paranoid.