Season 2 Episode 5

Stephanie Gutierrez, James "J.B." Travis

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Stephanie Gutierrez (Mystery Martinez/Amy Barron) She is 21/House Keeper. They've been friends since childhood, started going out recently as both were secretly gay. It used to be great, but it's not the same anymore. There's not much love as she might have gone back to guys and she hopes they can work it out. Mystery is 20/Unemployed. Day 1 - A hidden camera shows her in bed sleeping all day. She gets up, puts on makeup, goes out and comes back with Amy. They start reading something on the bed, then make out. Phone - She says she's just chilling as Steph has to work late. They get under the sheets and have sex. Day 2 - Mystery strips, then gives Amy a lap dance and they both get naked in bed. Phone - Mystery is upset that Steph is coming home early since she has plans to go out with Sappo. She really goes back to having sex with Amy. Briefing - 8:15 pm as it's snowing. Confrontation - As they are leaving a club. Mystery says she's sorry and she loves Steph, but they are crocodile tears. Then she asks, "Why did you do this?" Amy says she knew they were together and only cares that she is with her. Mystery says, "We haven't done nothing. Why didn't you trust me?" When she is told there is footage of her she doesn't believe it. She thinks Steph is cheating, but she denies it. Steph says she'll kick Amy's ass and Amy says to try it. Mystery says, "I trust you and would never do this to you." Steph wants her out, but Mystery says it's her place too. Steph explains she is the only one who works. Mystery says she doesn't want her to work and Steph says that's a lie. Mystery says she's a player and she knows it and hasn't lied. It's Steph's fault now that she missed her bus. How is she supposed to get home? Steph doesn't care. Mystery and Amy then run off together, go through a building, then a college. Police stop "Cheaters", so Steph goes back in the van. She says she asked Mystery if she was cheating, she denied it and doesn't need her. Afterwards - Steph ended the relationship because Mystery has no remorse and only regrets she got caught. Mystery says nothing. Amy says it was physical and left her to go back to school.

James "J.B." Travis (Tiffany Brookins/John Lucas) He is 20/Stockbroker. They met at her 16th birthday party and have been together for 3 years. Logically something is wrong because she's not there and won't touch him. Sex is a chore, she just wants to get it over. He could've been played for 4 years. She is 19/Waitress. Day 2 - She works at TGIFriday's, then she leaves and goes to Olive Garden, meets John and hugs him. Phone - J.B. wants to do something this weekend. Tiffany says she has to work all weekend. She leaves with John arm in arm and drops him off at his apartment. Day 3 - They go to lunch and have crabcakes. Phone - J.B. wants to go out, but she says no because she is taking a bubble bath. She pays, they hug and leave. Day 4 - She leaves home, meets John for lunch and 1 hour later they come out and hug and kiss. Briefing - 1:15am. Confrontation - In front of a nightclub as they are going in. The guys push each other and she laughs. John doesn't want to deal with it so he leaves. Tiffany admits cheating for 3 months, says she's sorry and she's going home. J.B. runs after her, leans on her car and says they can be friends. She says it's f--ked up what he did to her and that he never visits her. She goes to school 90 minutes away now, that's why it's changed. He says he would pay for a driver. She tells him to get a job and he says he has one. She starts to shiver because of the cold and he throws her his jacket. John comes back and says he'll get another ho in the club because he's a player and they all laugh. She says she was just wasting time with John and she isn't going to drive 90 minutes to see J.B. He says he loves her and they need to talk. She agrees and they drive off together. Afterwards - J.B. seeks professional help. Tiffany will return to J.B. later when he clears up his mental issues. She was with John, so she could distance herself from the deteriorating J.B.


Anastasia Shmakova

She is 20/Unemployed. At first, she was scared from being followed. Alex was a friend, her only girlfriend who just seduced her and she couldn't say no. (Now when the confrontation is shown the Russian is translated for the first time.) They had sex, but she didn't love her, had no feelings for her. Now she is gone and is not even a friend. She knew he was upset and she tried to explain. He will forgive her, but he won't forget. She realized that she could lose him and loves him. Their relationship has changed - she appreciates him more and they are planning on getting married, but are too young now.
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