Season 2 Episode 8

Sylvia McKenzie, Corbin Perkins

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Sylvia McKenzie (Brian McKenzie/Heather) She is in her 40's. This is her first one true love and now he won't talk after 12 years of marriage. He comes home late or not at all. She believed in him, put faith and trust in him, family and herself to him. Day 1 - 2/15. He leaves work, goes to Burger King, a woman follows him, parks, gets in his car, then they go to the Hilton Plaza Hotel, park up top. When they finally come back out they have different clothes on. Day 8 - 2/22 - same pattern, have drinks at the hotel lobby. Day 15 - 3/1. They go to the same hotel, he gives her a back rub in the lobby and kiss. Turns out she has a boyfriend on the side. Phone - Sylvia asks him point blank if he is cheating. He denies it up and down. Brian goes out with Heather and they jump in the back of his SUV and have sex. Day 22 - 3/8. They go back to the same hotel, have drinks, go back to the Burger King, she picks up something and go back to Sylvia's for the night since she is out of town. Briefing 8:37pm in the parking garage of the hotel. Confrontation - she brings her daughter and they go to jump him when he's alone. But he spots them and runs back to the hotel. Sylvia blocks him and he runs for the stairs, but the doors are locked so he keeps going. All he says is, "Take your hands off me." He walks out of the garage, into the main entrance and gets in the elevator to the 13th floor. His daughter gets there first and knocks on the door. Heather answers, takes one look and says, "I don't think so." then closes the door. Brian gets there next, goes down the stairs, gets in his SUV and leaves. Heather stays in the room, but says nothing else. Sylvia cries and can't believe he would say nothing. Afterwards - Sylvia hasn't seen Brian again, her looks have changed and she feels weak sometimes. Brian says if the show is aired, it would be an invasion of his privacy. Heather says nothing.
Corbin Perkins (Kim Harber/Manit Chanthanog) He is 24/School Counselor. They met 3 months ago, hit is off, used cute names for each other like 'babe' and 'cuddlebunny.' She doesn't do that anymore and yells at him for stupid things. They had sex 4-5 times a week, now it's down to once. She was dating a guy for 4 years and thinks he's back and it would hurt. She is 22/Maitre'd. Day 1 - 11:46am - She meets Manit, goes to a 7-11, then back to his place and leaves hours later. Day 2 - 12:17pm - She goes to Manit's with a package, comes out 45 minutes later, outside to kiss. Day 3 - 11:56am - She goes to his place for 2 hours. Phone - Kim says some friends came to town, has to break their plans, lost track of time. Corbin is disappointed. Kim and Manit come out happy and hug and kiss. Briefing - 10:47 pm. Confrontation - at a club off alone at a tiny 2 seat table. People in the background cheer and yell "busted" at them. They get up and walk out. Manit asks, "What's going on? Are you dating him?" Kim says, "Why did he do this and embarrass her?" She tells Corbin she is sorry and Manit wonders when she had time to see him since they are always together. Kim admits she was with Corbin for 3 months. Manit tells her they should leave. Kim says Corbin was never around and Manit is. Corbin doesn't understand that. Tommy convinces Manit if he takes her back, she'll cheat again. Manit asks her who she wants and she says him. She's smiling as she confesses to him and they leave together. Corbin walks away. Afterwards - Corbin moved on and met another woman. Kim finally admits she had sex with Corbin. Manit is disgusted and says he should've been the one to call Cheaters.
Patrick Owens
He is 36/Musician. He says Teri was cheating first. She only confronted him because she felt guilty. When Tommy confronted him, he thought it was none of his business and would've slugged him if people weren't there, he's lucky. He says he didn't want to have sex with Michelle, just hung out, watched movies, fell asleep, woke up and had sex. He didn't have an STD and uses condoms. Teri gave it to herself. He didn't cheat intentionally. Since he's a professional musician, it's hard to stay with 1 woman at night when he is buzzed. They could've gotten married if Teri didn't do this. She could've worked it out like a rational human being, loved him and worked it out and forgave him, but she couldn't do it. He then plays a song he wrote for her called, "I Wish You Love".... "and now you have to go far away/Well look me up if you are back this way/I Wish You Love now baby/I Wish You Love oh yeah/I Wish You Love now darling/I Wish You Love." I really do Teri.