Season 2 Episode 4

Teri Cox, Brock Mayo

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Teri Cox (Patrick Owens/Michelle Fester) She is 30/Student. They met 2 years ago at The Lucky Blues Club. She got an apartment near him, but he never comes over. They have no sex since she got an STD from him and is afraid he got it from another girl. He is 36/Musician. Day 3 - He goes to a coffee shop, meets Michelle there, they go inside and then he plays guitar for her on the patio. Phone - He's too busy writing a song about her to come over and have sex. Day 5 - He goes to a bar, gives Michelle 2 roses, they go inside and kiss at the bar. Phone - He says he just got a gig and blows her off even though Teri says she cooked his favorite food. Hours later they leave the bar and in the car they make out hard. He leaves, then comes back. Day 7 - Pat goes to her place. Two hours later they leave and she's half dressed. They make out and hug by his car. Briefing - 10:45pm. Teri cries and gets hysterical. Confrontation - As they are leaving a club. Teri pushes Michelle and she says she didn't know he had a girl. Teri screams at him like crazy, says he used her, took everything and Michelle is a slut. Pat says they are just friends. She keeps screaming at him that he's a loser. People nearby laugh at him and stop to watch. He lied about about being at a gig and he says he has a gig later. Teri tells him she has an STD and when he goes to hug her she yells at him to get away. He then goes over to Michelle and she says for him to get away because he's nasty. Teri asks him if it was worth it. Pat says no and he's sorry. Teri makes him get on his knees if he wants forgiveness and when he does she throws back her head and laughs at him for doing it. He keeps grabbing at her and Tommy yells at him to stop touching her. Teri says, "My love" kisses him on the head then, "I hate you" and leaves. Afterwards - Teri forgave Patrick. He said it was just flirting and has sworn it off. He doesn't see Michelle any more. Michelle said nothing.

Brock Mayo (Steven Mongold/Chad Collum) He is 33/Salesman. Their chemistry was so strong, exciting, he loves him, it's magical. Steven doesn't want to talk about commitment and wants to know why he has pulled away and there is no sex. He feels something is going on. If he's cheating he'll focus on his career and stop dating. Steven is 31/Office Manager. Day 2 - He goes to an outdoor patio bar, meets Chad there, feeds him, they kiss and leave arm in arm. Day 3 - He goes to another outdoor bar with Chad, looks around, then makes out. Phone - Steven says he'll meet Brock at a bar at 7:30pm with Chad. Brock arrives and they pretend nothing happened. Brock buys them drinks. Day 5 - Steven leaves his apartment, goes to Chad's for a couple of hours. Phone - Brock asks about their anniversary and what to do for lovers' appreciation day. They leave and make out in the street. Briefing - 8:47pm. Brock says he's out of town a lot. He says there has to be an explanation for Chad's behavior, maybe he's drunk. They would never do that to him, has a huge problem with it because Steven cheated on him a year and a half ago. Confrontation - at The Grape Vine Bar, on the patio. They try to walk right by them and run into Brock. Brock calls Steve a whore, a two timing backstabber and he hates them both. They run out and Brock runs after them. Chad says he's so sick of Brock because he's so whiny. If he satisfied Steven, then he wouldn't have come to him. Chad and Steven both drive off in separate cars. Brock never would've believed Chad would do this to him. They are all in the same circle of friends. How could they not tell him this was going on? Steven comes back and asks if Brock is coming home. Brock says he doesn't want him there. Steven won't talk on camera, won't look at the footage and says he'll go home and get his stuff out. Brock says everyone makes mistakes, but this is the second time and he's done. He thought it would last forever. Afterwards - Brock ditches both of them and says they deserve each other. Steven says nothing. Chad says they are together casually and Brock is largely to blame for that.


Michael Oliver

He is 39/Car Detailer. He was shocked, lots of things went through his mind and was really pissed at his wife and "Cheaters". His wife went to far, she could've sat down and talked their problems out. They broke up after, but he'll get over it. There wasn't much abuse, everyone has problems, but not one sided. "Cheaters" destroyed his marriage. He wouldn't take money to host "Cheaters".
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