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CTV (ended 1988)




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Check It Out

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Canadian sitcom which starred Don Adams as a supermarket clerk. It aired in the U.S. on the USA Network, and in Canada on the CTV Network. The characters: Howard Banister: Manages Cobbs, and is romantically involved with his secretary Edna. Graduated from Hotel Management school. One of his favorite foods is Chocolate Frosties. Edna Mosely: The secretary at Cobbs. Has been dating Howard for seven years. Wants to get married. Jack Christian: Cobbs' Assistant Manager. He puts the Ass in Assistant. Very selfish and mean and cruel, and those are his good points. Marlene Weimeraner: One of the checkers at Cobbs. Is known for going out with everyone. Has her hair styled in just as many ways as she had dates, and in as many colors. Lesile Rappaport: He had a gay old time when he was a checker, but got promoted to Fine Foods in the last season. Murray Amherst: During most of the first season and all of the second season he was the girl crazy bag boy. Is a member of the scouts. His parents are separated. Viker: The stores handyman. You have better luck talking to a wall then you do talking to him. Has a wife named Mrs. Viker. Alf Scully: During the first season he was the Security Guard of the store who worked there 40 years. Jennifer Woods: Less hip then Marlene checker who was just nice to everyone and caused little to no trouble during the first season T.C. Collingwood: When the store was bought out from Mrs. Cobb, she came in to change how the store was being run.moreless