Check It Out

Season 1 Episode 15

Otherwise Engaged

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1986 on CTV



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    • This is a Season 1 episode in which creator Arne Sultan had a lot of imput(he was the one who talked Don into doing the show). Sultan died and was sorely missed. He and Don worked together on Get Smart and Arne seemed to always put in some sort of sexual inuendo in the episodes he had a creative hand in. It shows in this episode when Marlene is talking about her new boyfriend and Edna comments "he must be head over heels for you." and Marlene says "I think we did that too last night." That's when Howard asks Edna what that is and she tells him later. Then Marlene talks about how she and her new guy filled the tub with pudding. Howard says "pudding?" and Edna comments that some people do that. Howard is surprised until Edna reminds him they used Jello. Also a funny note, Marlene talks about the line the guy used to get her and Howard says "that's even better than 'what's your sign?' I gotta remember that." then Edna clears her throat to which Howard says "or forget it as the case may be." This is the first time we see Mrs. Mosley and unfortunately she and Howard don't trade many barbs. Usually he makes comments when she's merely mentioned in episodes like "she doesn't like me because my moustache is bigger than hers." Athough he did make a "did she shave?" comment and talk about how deadly her perfume was(calls it An Evening In Beirut). Great moment when Mrs. Mosley is shopping and she rams her cart into Howard, sending him into the shelf of food. Don is a great physical comedian.