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CTV (ended 1988)




  • Season 3 Episode 13: Edna, Howard, Cathy and M...

  • This episode veers off from it's usual format in that it has a teaser before the theme song. Some of the episodes have the same feature. But in this, it's a dream sequence in which Edna is on a Dating Game-type of show and picks Howard who's crude and obnoxious(he calls her "skirt"). When she picks him(Bachelor #3) she doesn't know why and this causes Howard(and Don Adams for that matter) to mug the camera. Adams, especially in the last season of his show Get Smart, often mugged the camera A lot.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Operation Bannister

  • The girl in this episode appears as "sugar" the girlfriend of a mobster in another episode called "His Girl Friday, Saturday and Sunday." Some great moments in Operation Bannister including Don singing Danny Boy(Don Adams does have a very nice singing voice), the chinese doctor making the politically incorrect joke when he mistakes Howard for another patient, "they all look alike to me" and Howard not giving away his age(he always says he's a few years younger than Paul Newman). Don Adams says Howard was very similar to himself and a lot of the personal traits, like hiding his age, come through in various episodes.

  • Season 1 Episode 21: Jack Be Numbskull

  • This is the first time Howard talks about him being a former boxer. He mentions this again in the episode Operation Banister.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Otherwise Engaged

  • This is a Season 1 episode in which creator Arne Sultan had a lot of imput(he was the one who talked Don into doing the show). Sultan died and was sorely missed. He and Don worked together on Get Smart and Arne seemed to always put in some sort of sexual inuendo in the episodes he had a creative hand in. It shows in this episode when Marlene is talking about her new boyfriend and Edna comments "he must be head over heels for you." and Marlene says "I think we did that too last night." That's when Howard asks Edna what that is and she tells him later. Then Marlene talks about how she and her new guy filled the tub with pudding. Howard says "pudding?" and Edna comments that some people do that. Howard is surprised until Edna reminds him they used Jello. Also a funny note, Marlene talks about the line the guy used to get her and Howard says "that's even better than 'what's your sign?' I gotta remember that." then Edna clears her throat to which Howard says "or forget it as the case may be." This is the first time we see Mrs. Mosley and unfortunately she and Howard don't trade many barbs. Usually he makes comments when she's merely mentioned in episodes like "she doesn't like me because my moustache is bigger than hers." Athough he did make a "did she shave?" comment and talk about how deadly her perfume was(calls it An Evening In Beirut). Great moment when Mrs. Mosley is shopping and she rams her cart into Howard, sending him into the shelf of food. Don is a great physical comedian.

  • Season 1 Episode 14: Supermarket Superbowlers

  • Again, Don Adams' love for bowling shines through in this ep and Howard does look cool with the short sleeves rolled up on his bowling shirt. Howard also talks about never winning anything in his life. According to one of Don's boyhood pals, director/actor James Komack, Don played a terrible game of stickball in New York(he ran very funny). Yet, a bio on Don said he made it into the New York City stickball championships. He did play in many bowling, golf, and tennis championships with fellow celebrities who admit he's a good athlete(bad loser). In fact, in Howard's office there are many trophies on the filing cabinet that may be some of Don's actual trophies. Also an interesting note, in the beginning of the ep, the team is taking a photo and Don is sporting some king of black rope around his neck. Don was known for wearing Herring bones and long chains with charms but the rope throws me. Also, Simon Reynolds who plays Murray seems to have been suffering from a cold in the beginning of this episode. His voice is hoarse.

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