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  • Anthony George, Doug McClure, and Sebastian Cabot as detectives working out of a posh San Francisco apartment.

    This classy show starred Anthony George (Don Corey) as the head of a firm dedicated to preventing (checkmating) crime. His assistant Jed Sills was played by Doug McClure. Sebastian Cabot played Dr. Carl Hyatt, a crimologist at a local university who served as their consultant. The three worked out of Corey's very posh San Franciso bachelor apartment, which had a great view of the city. The series was created by thriller writer Eric Ambler, who was married to Alfred Hitchcock Presents producer Joan Harrison. Harrison probably produced some early epidodes of Checkmate but eventually Dick Berg took over. Originally the Doug McClure character was going to be a woman (played by Joan O'Brien). The high priced guest stars included Lee Marvin, Claire Bloom, Mickey Rooney, Terry Moore, Susan Oliver, Peter Lorre, Joseph Cotton, Lloyd Bridges, Charles Laughton, Robert Lansing, Julie Adams, Ralph Bellamy, Inger Stevens, Robert Vaughn, Dorothy Malone, Julie London and David Janssen.

    Doug McClure went on to star as Trampas on The Virginian for many years and Sebastian Cabot went on to Family Affair. Anthony George disappeared from prime time but had a fine career in soap operas.

    The series was remade in the early 1970's as "The Most Deadly Game" with George Maharis, Yvette Mimieux (replacing the late Inger Stevens) and Ralph Bellamy. Joan Harrison was one of the producers of "The Most Deadly Game". "Checkmate" was also remade as the English produced "The Protectors" with Robert Vaughn. Its about time for another remake.