Cheerleader Nation

Sunday 10:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Mar 12, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • great show, shame it got hidden away on a sky channel that few people watch :(

    So I'm english and cheerleading is nothing more than some girls appearing an the odd football match here, however knowing that in the US it is huge, it has always been something that has intrigued me and I have confess to being a fan of the bring it on movies for just that reason, intrigue.

    As such I have to say I absolutely love this show it amazes me how much work these girls put in, I used to play alot of football (soccer to any Americans reading this) and I had to practice, and play through injury sometimes but what these girls do is extreme, 2 hours practice everyday hitting the floor from 10 foot in the air, falling head first to the mat, tumbling on sprained ankles. So much work for just one 2 minute routine. Real dedication.

    I usually hate reality shows but I thought this show was absolutely fantastic and gave a great insight into competitive cheerleading and what goes in to it. I would love to see more of this show! excellent!!!!
  • Cheerleader Nation - Episode 6 review - 'Nightmares Before Nationals'

    With nationals coming up in less than 2 weeks time, the Dunbar Highschool Cheerleaders (the Bulldogs) really had to stick all their stunts as one girl's mistake can make the difference from winning and coming second place. However some people were having problems with the routine. Ashley faced being dropped from the team as she could not stick her barrel roll (where a person does a twisting cradle i.e. spin while coming down and the she has to be tossed back up in the air and do a 360 degree rotation all at once! But this is the type of standard that nationals is all about. Also, the routine had little energy and people were not as focused which lead to stunts falling and a shaky pyramid. But after a brief pep-talk from their choreographer Saleem, the girls seemed to put on a practice worthy of being the best in the nation i.e. national champions.

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