Season 4 Episode 7

2 Good 2 Be 4 Real

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 1985 on NBC



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    • (Sam's looking through the mail and finds the letter the gang has sent responding to Carla's personal ad)
      Sam: Hey, look at this: a letter for Carla Tortelli.
      Carla: What?
      Sam: [withholds the letter, teasing her]Hmm, my goodness.
      Carla: Let me see. Come on.
      Sam: What's the magic word?
      Carla: Gelding!
      Sam: That's the one. (gives her the letter)

    • (Carla starts out the door with Vinnie)
      Carla: So, um, you like kids, huh?
      Vinnie: Like 'em? I love 'em! I got seven of my own.
      (Carla shuts the door on Vinnie)
      Sam, Diane, others: Carla!
      Carla: It's okay, I'm only joking. (she goes out to Vinnie)
      Carla: Hey, Vinnie, could you do me a favor? Just for tonight could you pretend that your name is Mitch and that you're an airline pilot?
      Vinnie: Well, I guess... if you'll call yourself Raven and pretend you're a Vegas showgirl.
      Carla: You're weird... I like that.

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