Season 3 Episode 12

A Ditch in Time

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 20, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Diane: Maybe I'm being an alarmist. She wouldn't be out if she still had problems.
      Carla: You're out.

    • Norm: We're not exactly what each other wants in a sexual partner, you know? For example, she wishes I looked a little more like Charles Bronson...and, eh I wish she looked a little less like Charles Bronson.

    • Amanda: You make a wonderful first impression.
      Sam: Well it's my best one.

    • Diane: You can't give her some standard pre-arranged speech you have for dumping women.
      Sam: I do not have a standard pre-arranged speech for dumping women. Come on, every situation is different. For example now the speech I dumped you with will be totally inappropriate.
      Diane: I don't think you dumped me.
      Sam: Well you see that was the beauty of it. Come on give me credit will you, for knowing I couldn't possibly have one speech for every situation.
      Cliff: Yeah, he's got six.

    • Coach: When you and Vera do have a baby you're going to have to give the kid a name, right?
      Norm: Yeah, we're toying with the idea of naming it.

    • Norm: I used to think that sleeping was the greatest pleasure you could have in bed. Now I'm sure of it.

  • Notes

    • Considering the year is 1984, it probably refers to the Tigers, probably written by one of the cast or crew who was a fan. It's doubtful a Red Sox bar would be cheering on a then-divisional rival.

    • On the chalkboard, there is a note that says "GO TIGERS" Does this pertain to the World Series, in which the Tigers beat the San Diego Padres, or does it refrence something else?

    • While talking about the things that Sam did wrong while he was with Diane, she mentions the Ski weekend incident fron Snow Job. nice bit of continuity

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