Season 10 Episode 10

A Fine French Whine

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 21, 1991 on NBC



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    • Woody: You're wrong Kelly. He's using you. He wrote that letter himself. He's not going to be deported. He's just trying to steal you away from me.
      Henri: How did you figure that out?
      Woody: You mean I'm right? Wow. Score one for the Indiana school system.

    • Sam: 50 bucks says he passes out before she gets to 100.
      Cliff: I got 10 to cover that.
      Norm: I'm in.
      Lilith: Excuse me. That's my husband you're wagering over. Put me down for 20.

    • Norm: Your headache's still bothering you, huh Frase?
      Frasier: Oh yes.
      Norm: What do those things feel like anyway?
      Frasier: You never had a headache, Norm?
      Norm: I don't think so. How do you get one?
      Frasier: There's a variety of reasons usually stress or tension.
      Norm: Come again.
      Frasier: It's like when you eat ice cream too fast.
      Norm: Oh I hate that.

    • Henri: I am being kicked out. Just because I am not a citizen and I have no job and I have no prospect for a job and I have no wish for a job.
      Norm: Wait a minute. They can kick you out for that?
      Sam: No, no relax. You were born here.
      Norm: God bless America.

    • Henri: Woody, I have a riddle for you. How long will it take for me to steal your girlfriend?
      Woody: I give up.
      Henri: Then it won't take long at all.

    • Paul: How's the headache, Frasier?
      Frasier: Fine. She's into alternative medicine these days.

    • Lilith: Frasier, I'm concerned. I think it's time we tried alternative medicine.
      Frasier: No, I am not going to wear a crystal, or dissolve herbs under my tongue, or listen to some aging hippie playing the whale flute. That's not why I went to college although when I went to college I did all those things.

    • Frasier: Lilith, if you don't stop my head is going to explode all over this bar.
      Norm: All right. Hey Paul get out here.

    • Kelly: Woody Boyd, the mask has certainly come off. If me marrying another man makes you take a rude tone of voice...then maybe you're not the man I wanna marry after I marry that man.

    • Henri: I fell in love with this country ever since i caught my first glimpse of that big beautiful woman in the harbor.
      Cliff: Ah, Lady Liberty.
      Henri: She told me her name was Kiki.

    • Woody: What kinda country kicks a guy like him out and lets a guy like me stay...I'll tell ya what country, USA!!
      Everyone USA! USA! USA!

    • Kelly: We even played that game he invented, Shower Rescue.

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