Season 7 Episode 11

Adventures in Housesitting

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 1989 on NBC

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  • Geronimo!

    What a great episode this is. One of my personal favorites of the series.

    I like Cheers in the first five seasons because of the focus on Sam and Diane, but I like the last six seasons because of the great ensemble work of this one-of-a-kind cast. Personally, I enjoy the last six seasons more, and this episode is an example as to why.

    This is a classic example of what I would call a comedic maze. Often in Cheers land, the maze became quirkier and quirkier as we neared the conclusion, and the result was an ultimate punch line of hilarious proportions. The episode starts off innocently enough with a simple request from a higher-up (Mr. Sheridan, in this case), who asks Rebecca to house-sit for his dog. Rebecca dares to defy Mr. Sheridan, but of course, she can't because of her consistent brown nose.

    Rebecca tells the bar about her first few nights in the house. She is scared because of its big size and horror-film-like feel. Sammy takes the cue -- his security services to the rescue.

    In a hilarious sequence, Sam turns the power off at the house to scare her, and then (of course) is there to comfort her in her hour of need. Sam's intentions are purely physical, and it becomes obvious quite early into the proceedings. Rebecca wants to talk, so Sam says, "Try me." "Ok, what do you want to talk about?" "Sex." Ah, great stuff.

    Of course, Mr. Sheridan decides to come home early, and of course, a situation presents itself to where the dog is able to leave the house.

    This brings the Cheers crew to the rescue. Norm and Cliff (among other Cheers regulars) form a "posse" of unhelpful quality. Woody, however, proves to be more helpful as he snags a look-alike. The look-alike has one distinctive feature, however. He's mean (appropriately named Satan) and will attack at the first hearing of the word "cochise". Fortunately, a rare enough word that isn't uttered too often. So after a hilarious sequence involving the swap of the two dogs, Sam, Rebecca, and Woody leave Mr. Sheridan to his dog.

    Satan is returned to the bar, and Woody posts a sign warning passers-by not to mention the word. Big mistake. Frasier comes in and reads the sign aloud. Everyone ducks for cover, but the dog does nothing. Soon Sam and Rebecca realize the switch did not go as planned. Mr. Sheridan still has Satan!

    But Woody quickly realizes "cochise" is the wrong word. Leave it to Cliff to ask what it is. "Some Indian word," Woody replies. So Clavin goes through a list of Indian words aloud until he comes guessed it..."Geronimo". And Cliff is scared into one of the Cheers' restrooms.

    Fortunately, Woody has the number of the dog's owner. But Carla has other plans. She wants to call the owner. She does, finds out the counter-attack call, and decides to call it a day -- ripping up the owner's phone number. The ending line from Woody is a perfect adieu to the episode.

    Quirky, yes. And outrageously funny. With great ensemble work from the cast, this was one of Cheers' many fine hours.
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