Season 2 Episode 15

And Coachie Makes Three

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Coach: How about tellers? You take tellers. They never tell you anything. They always ask questions. And interest, there's nothing interesting about it at all. It's boring. Oh and then the trust department, they got all the pens chained down to the tables. What kind of trust is that?

    • Carla: When I'm in charge of the bar I know what God feels like.
      Norm: How's that?
      Carla: It's like I'm in complete control of people's destinies. Yeah, I can make their drinks too strong so they get sick. Or I can water them down so they're payin' for nothin'. Or if I don't like their attitude I can spit in it. (Hands Norm a beer)

    • Coach: When you live alone you tend to forget other people have lives.

    • Sam: A little hug... a little kiss...
      [Coach barges back in.]
      Sam: [sighing] A little Coach...

    • Sam: Hi there! I'm Sam Malone. Maybe you remember me from about a month ago before you and I became a threesome.
      Diane: Oh, yes! Yes! I recognize you now - you shaved off your Pantuso!

  • Notes

    • Sam and Diane are late to open the bar and Norm is already waiting. After he follows them in, he looks expectantly at them until they realize they haven't given the customary "Norm!" greeting, and then they do. Diane then gives her customary "Norman." greeting, in addition to having shouted Norm!.

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