Season 1 Episode 6

Any Friend of Diane's

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

While Diane is at Melvilles to get change, Rebecca, a friend from academia comes by looking for Diane. Initially, Diane attempts to cover up the fact that she works there, and disguises herself as a customer. But Rebecca had learned from Diane's mother that she was in fact employed at Cheers.

Rebecca had just broken up with her boyfriend, and in despair was seeking a more sensual relationship. Sam became her target. After Sam was coached by Diane to answer No to everything she suggested, Rebecca crafted her suggestions to Sam such that No was the positive answer. Diane heard Sam say No, and was crest-fallen when Sam and Rebecca walked out together. Sam would not return for at least two hours.

After torturing Diane with vague allusions about what they had done, Sam finally admitted that he had found Rebecca's erudite speech repulsive, and he walked out on her. Later, Rebecca would disclose that he in fact snuck out.

As this was going on, Norm was entertaining Darrell Stabell, a prospective client at Cheers. Before Mr. Stabell's arrival, Norm had coached the bar not to acknowledge that they knew him, an instruction momentarily forgotten by Coach. Norm shunned his regular seat in favor of a table, and even ordered Perrier rather than his usual beer. However, when Nr. Stabell ordered a beer, Norm feigned reconsideration, and almost exposed his farce by downing a whole beer in one gulp.
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