Season 9 Episode 9

Bad Neighbor Sam

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sam learns from John Hill that his Corvette has been towed for parking in John's space. Sam gets mad and tells John that his customers can no longer use "Sam's stairway" going up to Melville's. John then makes an announcement to the patrons of the bar that he is offering a free drink to all customers of Melville's. Everyone then gets up and goes up to Melville's using "Sam's stairway."

  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: Sam, I don't want you to be at me, but I brought Mr. Hill here to settle this mess. Please talk to him.
      Sam: Oh, sure. I'd love to talk to him.
      Rebecca: Not with the sledgehammer.
      Sam: I wasn't going to hit him, just drop it on his foot by mistake.
      Rebecca: No, Sam.

    • Woody: But so help me God, if a man with a thumb answers...Hold on. It's him. It's the thumb guy and you know what that pervert said? "Allo." What's that in English?
      Norm: I took French in high school. Allo. Allo means..."I've got your girlfriend in my arms, and soon we'll be naked, you stupid cuckold."
      Cliff: That's funny, Norm, because I thought it meant..."I got your girlfriend in my arms, and we're already naked, you stupid cuckold."
      Frasier: Stop heckling the poor lad. Woody, it simply means...that "I enjoyed your girlfriend."

    • Carla: 10 bucks says [Sam] goes ballistic by midnight.
      Norm: I got 10 that says 11:00.
      Cliff: I'll take 9:30.
      Carla: Frase, you want in?
      Frasier: That won't be fair. I'm a professional psychiatrist. Then again it might give me the edge I need. By 8:15, he'll be spitting up blood.

    • Sam: It seems to me [John Hill's] turning our bar into...something Diane would have liked.
      Frasier: All, right, Sam. You hold him, I'll hit him.

    • Carla: Have you ever seen so many yuppies with gold cards?
      Rebecca: John Allen Hill worked his magic, and we reap the benefits.
      Carla: I love these charge slips. Look here. They put down a five for a tip. All I have to do is stick a one in front of it and I got 15.

    • John Hill: Oh, um, one other thing--our garbage area seems to be strewn with beer cans that appear to have been crushed against someone's forehead.
      Carla: I warned you about that.
      Phil: Hey, I get crazy.

    • John Hill: You must be Sam Malone.
      Sam: Yeah. How'd you know?
      John Hill: My hat check girl describes your hair. She didn't do it justice.
      Sam: It's kind of a hobby.
      John Hill: The joy it must bring you.

    • (Woody shows the bar pictures of Kelly)
      Norm: Who do you suppose took those snapshots?
      Woody: Probably her roommate Cindy Ann.
      Carla: I don't know, Woody. There's a thumb in this picture. Ether it's a man's thumb or Cindy Ann could use a bottle of Nair for Christmas.
      Woody: I can't believe it. This is a man's thumb. [Kelly's] having some hairy French guy take sexy pictures of her. Two can play at this game. I'm going to have some hairy French guy take pictures of me.

    • Sam: Let me buy you guys a round, huh?
      Norm: You are in a good mood.
      Sam: I work up on the right side of [Martha's] bed.

    • Lilith: Carla, these toys are inappropriate. I fear that a child who played with them would be in danger of developing severe personality disorders, possibly bordering on the psychotic.
      Frasier: Wow! Sparkhead! I used to love this.

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