Season 3 Episode 18

Bar Bet

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1985 on NBC



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    • Diane: Sam, I have dire news.
      Sam: Good or bad?

    • Carla (to Jackie): It's been eight hours. By the time I knew my ex-husband that long he'd already cheated on me.

    • Norm: Sammy must be having a hard time talking Jackie into it.
      Diane: Yes and if he does get back in a year his cologne will wear off.

    • [the gang is trying to convince "Jacqueline Bisset" to marry Sam]
      Jacqueline Bisset: Try to understand, Sam. I always thought my weddin' day would be somethin' really beautiful and special.
      Norm: Well, it will be. We'll get a minister and we'll have it right here in the bar.
      Jacqueline Bisset: In a bar? You think that's beautiful and special?
      Norm: Maybe you're asking the wrong guy.

    • [a "Jacqueline Bisset" is coming to Boston; Sam needs her to marry him to win the bet]
      Sam: I guess I ought to wear something kinda nice – my best outfit. Say, Diane, when you dream about me what am I wearing?
      Diane: An anthill.

    • Carla: Hey, wait. I got an idea.
      Diane: You mean you actually conceived something besides a child.
      Carla: Whoa... a bitter and unprovoked attack. I like it.

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