Season 6 Episode 23

Bar Wars

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Near the end of the episode Gary quickly quotes "Tapped into the cable" despite the white banner displayed above his bars TV with "VIA Satellite" written at the bottom.

    • At the time of this episode, Wade Boggs was a real-life player for the Boston Red Sox and had led the American League in batting average the previous season.

  • Quotes

    • Carla: We've still got something that Gary can't take away.
      Norm: Our pride?
      Carla: Hell no. We never had that.

    • Carla: Wait a minute. I'm standing in a room full of idiots.
      Rebecca: What's your point?

    • Rebecca: Carla, you're not going to do anything illegal, are you?
      Carla: What makes you say that? (pulls ski mask over face)

    • Sam: You think Gary's cute?
      Rebecca: Yeah he got a real cool face and a nice body. Look kinds like an athlete.
      Sam: Hey what am I?
      Rebecca: Jealous.

    • Lilith: (to the pest control workers) If you should run across any white [rats] about yay big (holds out hands), I'd be happy to give you $4 a piece for them.
      Pest control guy: What do you use them for?
      Carla: Snacks.

    • Gary: Uh oh Malone's back and this time he brought some muscle.

    • Carla: Hey Al, why aren't you at Cheers?
      Al: Holy mackerel. This isn't Cheers?

    • Carla: I'd like to do something to Gary to make him really miserable.
      Cliff: Why don't you marry him?

    • Cliff: Who was the guy at the end of the bar drinking imported beer?
      Norm: Very suspicious. You know none of us can afford that stuff.

    • Sam: Did I miss anything?
      Carla: No, no. Just an average day. We refilled the pretzel bowls, played a little darts, pantsed Wade Boggs, watched a little TV.

    • Carla: Hey, what are all sitting around like a bunch of wimps for?
      Norm: That's what wimps do.

  • Notes

    • Frasier calls Diane a 'pompous witch' in this episode which seems a little harsh considering, she did help them win their bowling trophy.

    • Cheers won the bowling tournament in episode From Beer to Eternity. Although this is the first episode to officially carry the title "Bar Wars", "From Beer to Eternity" was actually the first episode to center on the rivalry between Sam and Gary's bars.

    • Robert Desiderio plays Gary in this episode, despite the fact the character had been played by a different actor (Joel Polis) in an earlier episode. Actually, the show's producers had every intention of bringing the original actor back for Gary's second appearance, until it was discovered - after the show had already been locked into the schedule - that Joel Polis was already booked that week. All of which left the producers little choice but to cast the equally capable Robert Desiderio, who would continue to trade off the role of Gary with Polis through the remainder of the show's run.

  • Allusions

    • Carla mentions that she and Eddy are going to the movies to see Fatal Attraction, an Academy Award nominated film which was a massive hit when released in 1987. It starred Glenn Close (in an Oscar nominated role) as a woman psychotically obsessed with a married man played by Michael Douglas.