Season 7 Episode 10

Bar Wars II: The Woodman Strikes Back

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 1989 on NBC

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  • Gary's Old Towne Tavern strikes again!

    One of my favorite parts of the show was the introduction and continuation of the Gary's Old Towne Tavern storyline. The slimy, underhanded, unnaturally intelligent Gary proved to be a formidable foe to Cheers, and the results were usually embarrassment and (ultimately) hilarity.

    In this episode, The Woodman Strikes Back in terrific fashion. Putting on a most convincing "I get no respect" display in front of the Cheers crowd (No doubt to convince any witnesses that this was a true falling out), Woody goes to Gary's to get a job. Of course, Gary is at first hesitant, but since he has a spy at Cheers who observed the scene, Gary is quickly convinced.

    It just so happens that Woody is smart enough to withhold important information regarding the time of the Bloody Mary contest, an annual contest that serves as promotional bragging rights for the winning bar. After Woody's hilariously nervous escape from Gary's, he quickly suits up as the judge of the Bloody Mary contest. Gary hurriedly makes it to the contest under the wire and wins. Of course, this is a sham since Woody was the judge. The REAL contest is two hours later.

    But Gary once again has outsmarted them and returns for the real deal. He wins again, and Cheers appears to have fallen short once again.

    Not so fast, my friends! It's Carla that strikes back, paying off another sham-of-a-judge (with Gary's money, of course). But just as victory seems assured, Gary returns again. Sam gives a hilarious "Oh, man, I give up!" utterance, but Gary returns for his wallet. As Gary leaves, the bar rejoices with a crescendo-ed version of "Gary won't win! Gary won't win!"

    This is a terrific episode that, of course, is true to Cheers form. Cheers, the intelligent and financial, underdog -- resorts to the cheap tricks and dirty gambling that Gary is notorious for. If you can't beat him, cheat him. That's my Cheers.

    Scenes to remember (besides those listed above): the episode teaser featuring Lilith's personal spillage regarding Frasier's fantasies and the "Compliments of Gary's Old Towne Tavern: We deliver!" scene. Oh, and the hilarious commercial from Gary.

    The golden age of Cheers, my friends.