Season 11 Episode 19

Bar Wars VII: The Naked Prey

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 1993 on NBC



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    • (Gary has walled up the bar; the Irish band has arrived; Sam won't give up)
      Sam: All we need is – uh, what – a little winning attitude, right? A little positivity. (to the Irish band) Hey, fellas, do me a favor. Play us a little something to get us in the mood.
      Irish band: (singing) "They broke into our Dublin home, the dirty English dogs. They took away my sister and they beat my Da with logs. Limey scum, limey scum, I toss a bomb and still they come." Everybody! "Limey scum, limey scum..."

    • (After the guys have to sing naked at Gary's, they're getting dressed in the backroom)
      Sam: That was the low point in my life. Never, ever, have I been naked and not had fun. I tell you it was degradation.
      Woody: I thought we were a lot tighter the second show.
      Paul: How am I ever gonna show my face in here again?
      Norm: Paul, it's not your face that's burned into my memory.
      Cliff: You know, I kinda found the whole thing, uh, quite exhilarating.
      Norm: Exhilarating?
      Cliff: (embarrassed) I meant humiliating.

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