Season 2 Episode 13

Battle of the Exes

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1984 on NBC



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    • Carla: I know everything about you, Malone.
      Sam: Yeah, right.
      Carla: Your favorite color is blue. Your favorite hobby is sailing. And your taste in women is not what it used ot be.
      Sam: Right across the board. You do know me.
      Carla: A lot better than you know me.
      Sam: Yeah.
      Carla: Yeah.
      Sam: Your favorite meal is Chicken McNuggets. Your favorite hobby is drawing underarm hair on all the models in Vogue magazine. And your favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp and you always cry when they come to the part about the spaghetti.
      Carla: I didn't think anybody knew that.
      Sam: I'll tell you something else I know about you that you didn't think I knew.
      Carla: What?
      Sam: You go to mass every Sunday.
      Carla: Who squealed on me?!

    • Diane: I thought you were seeing someone.
      Carla: His fingerprints grew back. He had to leave the country.

    • Carla (talking about her ex-husband, Nick): Sure, there were little things that I loved about him. Like the way he flexed his tattoo. Or the way the hair grew in his ears. The way he drooled in bed.

  • Notes

    • The first appearance of Carla's ex-husband Nick (Dan Hedaya) and Loretta (Jean Kasem). Nick was originally based on Danny DeVito. Rhea Perlman (DeVito's real-life wife) was a failed love interest for DeVito's Louis DePalma in Taxi.

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