Season 3 Episode 19

Behind Every Great Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Norm: (walks in bar) Afternoon, everybody.
      All people in bar: Norm!
      Cliff: (walks in bar) Afternoon, everybody.
      All people in bar: (Silence)

    • Cliff: Hey Sam, you've got this textbook here. Why are you asking Diane for?
      Sam: It's more fun to steal than to study.

    • Sam: Does anybody remember anything that Diane has said about Impressionism?
      Carla: No, but I know she makes a bad first one.

    • Sam: You know I always say-"If it wasn't for all the people who say they never come to singles bars, singles bars would be out of business."
      Norm: Didn't Diane used to say that?
      Carla: When you talk all the time you're bound to say everything eventually.

    • Norm: Cliff, just how long did it take for you to create this little world you live in.

    • Sam: What would you like, Norm?
      Norm: A reason to live. Keep them coming.

    • Norm: Yeah, Cliffy had himself the "Ton O' T-Bone". For less than four bucks you get 24 ounces of USDA Choice "bef".
      Cliff: Bef? No, you mean beef.
      Norm: Beef? Don't be ridiculous, Cliffy. That stuff is "bef". You see it's a Hungry heifer trademark for a processed, synthetic – what – meat-like substance.
      Cliff: Ah, no.
      Norm: What do you expect for four bucks? You see me complainin' about the "loobster"?

    • [Norm and Cliff come back to the bar after lunch]
      Carla: So, how was your meal at The Hungry Heifer?
      Norm: Well, Cliff was a little fussy at first; but I think I made a convert out of this guy.
      Carla: Really?
      Cliff: Well, uh, yeah, my steak was a little gristly; but, uh, what do you expect from a place decorated with a mule depicting the Heimlich maneuver.

    • [Frasier is talking to Diane; Sam interrupts to ask about an artist]
      Frasier: What was that all about?
      Diane: Sam is developing an interest in the Impressionists
      Frasier: Hmm.
      Diane: Hmm, what?
      Frasier: Hmm, this is suspicious. I think it's part of Sam's grand design to win you back.
      Diane: Oh, not this again. It's starting to sound like a broken record.
      Frasier: Oh, now you're saying that I'm redundant, that I repeat myself, that I say things over and over.

    • [Cliff sees Paula Nelson enter the bar]
      Cliff: [to Norm] Hot babe, there, at twelve o'clock. I think it's the next notch on the old Clavin bedpost.
      Carla: The only notches on your bedpost come from banging your head in frustration.

  • Notes

    • George R. Wendt Sr., a retired Navy Captain, appears in the opening scene of this episode, initially seated at the bar next to his son.

    • Kelsey Grammer(Frasier) appears in this episode although he is not credited.

    • There is a mysterious credit of George R. Wendt as George; George Wendt doesn't play anyone besides Norm in the episode, although his middle initial is R. It is possible George Wendt brought his father on to play a barfly; an unknown older man sits next to Norm in the opening sketch.

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