Season 4 Episode 1

Birth, Death, Love and Rice

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 1985 on NBC

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  • After the sad passing away of Coach, Sam hires a new bartender in Woody Boyd, Coach's pen pal who has moved to Boston. Frasier arrives back from Europe with the news that Diane left him at the altar for six months

    Frist i must say i love watching this episode over and over again. I never got to see it on tv before the dvd's came out but once season 4 came out on dvd this was the frist episode i watch and i still love watching this episode over and over again. This episode has so many good moments. Like the scean were woody frist comes into the bar and meets sam for the frist time or like when fraiser comes in and says just get me shot punk. Also i like how they keep metioning the coach's death in this episode. Becose that's what would relly happen if someone close had died in real life. Also i'm not a big fan of shelly long but i thought she was relly good in this episode i don't kown why but i just thought she had finnly found her groove. All and all a great episode to watch over and over again