Season 9 Episode 22

Carla Loves Clavin

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Sam prepares a chart on the bust size of previous Boston Barmaid Winners, showing a significant drop for the year of Diane Chambers' victory. However, his chart contains an error - the chart indicates that Diane won the contest in 1984. In fact, Diane won the contest in 1983.

  • Quotes

    • (Carla rubbed Cliff's feet)
      Sam: Carla, cut it out. You've been washing your hands in kerosene for half an hour. They're clean.
      Carla: No, not yet Sam. Get me a match.

    • Cliff: Well that Paul, is the history of Western Civilization in a nutshell. You were right to come to me.
      Paul: I didn't come to you, Cliff. I was waiting to use the phone.

    • Carla: They picked Clavin to be a judge. What could they have been thinking?
      Sam: They probably want someone with a lot of bar experience and he has been hanging around here a lot.
      Carla: Yeah well so has Norm. Why didn't they pick you, Norm?
      Norm: Maybe they did. I haven't opened my mail in awhile. Once my unemployment ran out all the incentive was gone.

    • Norm: I have a new industrial paint sprayer. It gets the job done in a couple of hours.
      Cliff: Very clever.
      Norm: It was invented by the Japanese so they could paint more efficiently, more quickly.
      Frasier: Whereas you will use it to drink more beers, watch more TV, and put off everything until the very last minute.
      Norm: Right. You see they're way ahead of us in technology but they don't have our creativity.

    • Rebecca: I couldn't help but notice for the past couple of days you've just been sitting around here doing nothing.
      Norm: Hi, I'm Norm Peterson. Obviously we haven't met.

    • Woody: Carla, are you going to try out for this contest?
      Carla: I don't think so.
      Woody: Well you heard Sam, it's not about looks this year.

    • Frasier: How would you like to be judged solely on the basis of your looks and your body alone?
      Sam: I'd love it. I'd win.

    • Frasier: Good morning, Sam.
      Sam: Yeah, what's good about it?
      Frasier: Well you have your health, a good business, and friends who put up with your violent mood swings.

    • Norm: Here's the deal. I'll paint the whole office including woodwork and it will run you 400.
      Rebecca: 400 bucks sounds reasonable.
      Norm: Oh no, that's 400 beers. The B with the slanty line through it, it's kind of my own special currency.
      Rebecca: It's a deal.

    • Cliff: I got Carla to massage my feet! I'm gonna have it etched on my tombstone.
      Norm: You can start working on it right about now.

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