Season 5 Episode 13

Chambers vs Malone

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 1987 on NBC

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  • Diane enters Cheers with some news-Sam is going to propose to her, she can feel it. Sam doesn't believe it but after upsetting Diane, he does. She rejects him though and ends up charged with assualt and battery. Well, hilarity ensues...

    So anyway, Sam is in court, well because basically, he chased Diane and she fell over and then got him arrested, all because she rejected his THIRD proposal. In the courtroom however, Diane feels guilty and tells the court that sam had a right to be angry. The judge wants to spare a trial so he gives Sam a choice...Marry Diane or go to jail. Sam proposes but has to do it again because it wasn't sensitive enough. Diane accepts but when the court is empty, tells Sam that she isn't going to hold him to his proposal. Sam then delivers the line "They can stop me from killing you, but they can't stop me from marrying you". Diane responds with a simple 'Oh Sam' and hugs him, causing the audience to cheer. This episode is exactly why I watch Cheers. It was funny and yet touching because the classic couple Sam and Diane (The greatest couple on television IMO) got engaged and were back together...check this out because it will convert you to a Cheers fan, it's sooo good!