Season 9 Episode 21

Cheers Has Chili

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 1991 on NBC



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    • Sam: Oh man, I'm gonna lose my pool room. I've got to think of some way to stop [Rebecca].
      Carla: I agree with you, Sammy. Go for a jugular.
      Sam: What do you mean? Like sabotage her.
      Carla: No, go for her jugular. You can't sell chili when your throat's all ripped out. She could but who's want to buy it.

    • Rebecca: I don't understand why nobody wants to come back to my beautiful tearoom.
      Frasier: Well Rebecca, a restaurant should be like a mistress. See one shouldn't feel she's over eager to please. It's far more enticing if you need her more than she needs you.
      Lilith: Who is this she you're talking about, Frasier?
      Frasier: Purely hypothetical.
      Lilith: It's a little strange for a happily married man to go prattling on about a mistress.
      Frasier: Oh come on, hon. Give me this one. You already heard me admit I was whipped in front of the boys.
      Lilith: That was good.

    • (Frasier and Lilith are Rebecca's first tearoom customers.)
      Rebecca: You guys cannot just have tea. Tea is a loss leader. I lose money just boiling the water and Lilith you are hardly fat. You are border line anorexic. Just pig out. Order some strawberry tarts.
      Lilith: Strawberries make me break out.
      Rebecca: At least it would put a little color in your face.

    • Rebecca: It's a tearoom.
      Sam: Thanks for not making me guess.
      Rebecca: So what do you think?
      Sam: You want my honest first impression, my gut reaction?
      Rebecca: Yes, I do.
      Sam: I hate it. I hate it! I hate it!!

    • (There's an explosion in the pool room.)
      Carla: Sammy, are you okay?
      Sam: Have you ever had a pot of chili fly by your face at the speed of light?
      Carla: No.
      Sam: Don't.

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