Season 3 Episode 6

Coach in Love (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 1984 on NBC



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    • Cliff: Oh hey Coach, think I know somebody who's in love.
      Coach: Oh good, buy him a beer Cliff, so am I.
      Cliff: Coach, I meant you.

    • Carla: You know I don't ask for much in this life; fresh fish, ten cents off on laundry detergent, volcanic boils all over my ex-husband, and the Sox in the Series again before I die.

    • Coach: Norm, do you think I should go over there and introduce myself?
      Norm: I think it's best, Coach. It eliminates that awkward first meeting at the altar.

    • Diane: He, I'm finally here. Better late than never.
      Carla: That wouldn't be my choice.

    • Carla (about Cliff): At least before he went to Florida he was boring on a wide range of topics.

    • [Sam struck out with Irene's daughter, Sue.]
      Sam: If you ask me, that girl's got a BIG problem.
      Diane: Yes, you're right. It's called "good taste".
      [Sam, Cliff and Norm heartily agree.]

    • [Coach wants Sam to go with him to talk to the two ladies in the bar.]
      Sam: Coach, I'm gonna be blunt with you. Her friend's cute and all that, but she doesn't have what I'm lookin' for in a woman..
      Diane: What's that? Break-away clothes?

    • Diane: Brian the Lion was my dearest childhood pal.
      Carla: Ah. So being a grimy bar rag should be a step up.

    • [Sam's struck out with Irene's daughter, Sue.]
      Cliff: Aw, 'kay, Norm. 'Kay. So he blew one. He's not a God.
      Norm: [sobbing] He was to me!
      Cliff: There, there.
      Norm: [blows his nose] My world doesn't make sense anymore.

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