Season 1 Episode 9

Coach Returns to Action

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 25, 1982 on NBC

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  • Coach doesn't think he can compete against sam's charms to win a girl but when Sam fails to get her, Coach goes for it.

    Coach falls for his new neighbor, Nina, and tells Diane not to let anyone else know about it. When she shows up to Cheers, Sam wants to date her but she won't fall for his charms. Coach feels that he doesn't have a chance to compete with Sam but Diance and Carla manages to change his mind and he asks her out. However, Nina rejects him too saying that she has too much unpacking to do. Coach then fakes an injury to get her attention just like how he did when he was in the big leagues. This attempt works as Nina takes him home to the delight of Diane.

    funny episode. the broken bathroom makes it even better.
  • Rather Good

    This episode serves as a way to enhance the "Coach" character. Coach has just met Nina, a girl that moved in his building and is actually really drawn to her. We get to learn more about Coach's goofy behaviour and how he gets a woman to notice him: he intentionally injures himself so they will feel sympathy towards him (lying falling off the stairs!)!. When Sam hits on her, he gets rejected (a shocking moment for everyone who knows him), and then he gets rejected again, and again, and again. When "Coach" finally asks Nina out, she turns him down politely."Coach" starts going upstairs for dinner and "falls"! And, it works! Probably one of the best last scenes up until this point of the season!