Season 1 Episode 5

Coach's Daughter

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 28, 1982 on NBC

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  • Good

    I thought it was well written and funny and has a good moral. I thought her husband was hilariouse Norm as usual through in some good lines. I thought the Coach was really inspirational at the end. And it was funny whenn Sam said remember when you told me to go getm\' and he said yeah and i\'m ganna go getm\' and they had to hold him back. And when Norm uses that jacket to go upstairs ha ha ha ha hilariouse.
    I think that this episode was pretty good. maybe best in the first season maybe. Good episode I reccomend it.
  • Not my favorite episode.

    This episode was definately far from being my favorite episode of Cheers! I though that the Coach's Daughter's character was a very hard character to like. I found her to be annoying, dumb, and desparate. I suppose that I was supposed to find her desparate and unnattractive. I found this episode just plain painful to watch because of that character. I have seen it twice now and the second time I watched it, my dislike for her made me decide to watch something else....hmmm not so great, but Cheers is still a great show! That character is not a main character!
  • "The good news is, I finally met somebody. The bad news is..."

    Coach Pantuso's daughter, Lisa, announces she's found someone at last and is ready to settle down. So who is the man who won the heart of the Coach's beloved daughter?

    A class-A jerk.

    The would-be groom is *nine* miles of bad road. He is rude and crass, and that's just his good side. Coach is baffled by what his daughter could possibly see in the man. As would any concerned parent, he draws her aside, for one of those classic soul-searching pool room conversations.

    Lisa is tired of the single life and has decided to settle for this loser only so she will no longer be by herself.

    Her father urges her to have courage and self respect. Desperation is no way to make a choice like that and no way to look at yourself.

    Their speech about Lisa's late mother is one of the most profound and sweet you will ever see on television.

    Superbly written and acted. Allyce Beasley is terrific as the daughter and Nicholas Colasanto shows us, very warmly and naturally, why we loved his character.

    Over the long run of this series, there are so many great episodes; even so, this one still stands out.