Season 8 Episode 26

Cry Harder (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 03, 1990 on NBC



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    • Sam: Look, I know you're going through a hard time here, but there comes a point when you have to face reality.
      Rebecca: I do not have to listen to you!
      (She splashes a drink at Sam.)
      Sam: Would you cut that out?
      Rebecca: What are you gonna do, fire me? No, wait, I've got a better idea. Tell me you love me, ask me to marry you, skip the country, and then then fire me!
      Sam: Hey, stop it! I am not Robin, I'm not doing those things to you! You know something, I am sick of getting kicked in the teeth because someone else dumped you!
      Rebecca: Well, I am sick of getting dumped!
      Sam: I'm sick of you getting dumped! You know something, you know what I'm really sick of?
      Rebecca: Your own face!
      Sam: No! I'm sick of you getting angry at me when all I'm trying to do is help you.
      Rebecca: You can't help me. I'm beyond help. You can't help someone who's done everything wrong since the day she was born.
      Sam: Oh, stop it, will you?
      Rebecca: What have I done right?
      Sam: Well, you got excellent taste in clothes.
      Rebecca: What, this old thing? But everything else. I've been wrong about men, I've been wrong about my career. If I had done everything the opposite of the way I did it, I probably would've had a very happy life.

    • (Sam and Rebecca kiss)
      Sam: This is wrong.
      Rebecca: Wrong is what I do best.

    • Sam: Why are you attacking all the men?
      Rebecca: Because they are evil slime.

    • Rebecca: Woody, I'm gonna need some more drinks.
      Woody: What kind?
      Rebecca: Doesn't make any difference.

    • Rebecca: Are you a man?
      Customer: Sure.
      (Rebecca throws a drink in his face.)

    • Frasier: Warmest congratulations, Sam. You know it's always heartening to see a man realize his dream. especially poignant when he realizes such a pathetic dream.
      Sam: Thanks man.
      Frasier: I only joke with you Sam because I love you.
      Sam: I didn't know you were joking.
      Frasier: I didn't know I loved you. (Starts crying)

    • Carla: I know how we should celebrate. Why don't you just take me right on top of the bar like you did in the old days?
      Sam: I never did that.
      Carla: Then who was that guy? Oh that was the manager of the bar where I worked before this. Hey can anyone give me a ride to The Broken Spoke?

    • Cliff: Just when it looks like things are going to work out for [Rebecca], she's finally going to achieve her life's dream when her heart gets broken and her whole life is shattered yet again.
      Norm: Yup, you can just about set your watch by it.

    • Rebecca: I'm gonna go freshen up. When I cry like this I get all red and swollen and puffy and raw.
      Carla: And that's just your ankles.

    • Rebecca: I love [Robin] and I'm just about ready to lose him. Have you ever thought what it would be like to be without Vera for 20 years?
      Norm: Oh my God.
      Rebecca: See you'd miss Vera.
      Norm: I thought you said beer.

    • Norm: Hey Wood, did you see the paper?
      Woody: I don't read the paper anymore. It's too depressing.
      Frasier: Many people feel that way, Woody.
      Woody: Yeah. I mean, Lucy is always pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. The Lockhorns are always fighting. Henry still doesn't have a mouth.

  • Notes

    • This episode was filmed on April 5, 1990.

    • And Sam finally puts back the picture he had when he own the bar in the beginning.

    • As a reward for helping with Robin's arrest, Sam is offered the bar back for $1.00. He ends up buying back the bar for 85 cents.

    • In this episode, Sam erases Norm's bar tab. Later in the episode "Smotherly Love," Sam says that his tab dates back to the first time he walked into the bar.

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