Season 3 Episode 8

Diane Meets Mom

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After Hester threatens Diane, Frasier heads to the bathroom, saying "you only RENT a Château Lafite Rothschild." This would have been quite a faux-pas as there are few (if any) dishes that a true wine-lover would pair with the cuisine that a seafood like Melville's would serve, especially the bouillabaisse (seafood stew) that Diane mentioned before going up to the restaurant.

    • Nancy Marchand who guests in this episode as Frasier's mother would later come to popularity and fame as Livia Soprano, Tony Sopranos mother on the smash hit HBO series, "The Sopranos."

  • Quotes

    • Coach: Whatya say to a beer, Norm?
      Norm: Going down?

    • Hester: I understand you used to date that woman.
      Sam: That's right.
      Hester: How much would it take to start things up again?
      Sam: You don't have enough money.
      Hester: How do you know?
      Sam: There isn't enough money.

    • Diane: (to Hester) When and if we marry I think we should commit mommie dearest here to a rest home. Making sure that beating and starving are the only forms of recreation.

    • Coach: What's up, Norm?
      Norm: Everything that's supposed to be.

    • Coach: What would you say to a nice beer, Normy?
      Norm: Going down.

    • Coach: (to Diane) Just sit down and relax. Everything is going to be fine. Just remember; don't snap your gum, don't chew with your mouth open, and for God's sake don't play with your bra straps.

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