Season 3 Episode 10

Diane's Allergy

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 06, 1984 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • During the final scene when Frasier and Diane rush out of Cheers, a piece of cloth or clothing falls into the lower right corner of the scene just as the door begins to close, despite the fact there was nothing that could have fallen upon examining the wider shot just seconds before.

    • Frasier's owning a dog and his obvious affection for the animal seems odd in light of his antipathy and downright hostility towards Eddie, later in Frasier.

  • Quotes

    • Frasier: I suddenly realized the only thing that spoiled an evening with Diane was having to say good night to her.
      Sam: Really? That was one of my highlights.

    • Sam: I just wonder if this whole so-called allergy thing might not be psychosomatic.
      Diane: Sam, I'm very impressed. That's a complex psychological concept coming from a man who who has to write "L" and "R" on the bottom of his shoes.

    • Sam: Isn't it interesting that I automatically spring to mind?
      Diane: No. You automatically spring to mind whenever I hear something stupid.

    • Frasier: Changing the dog's name hurts me a little. Don't you think two Diane's will be a little confusing.
      Sam: Maybe you're right, haven't thought of that. Well, we'll just have to call your girlfriend Pavlov. By the way, how are Pavlov's allergies now that I got Diane.

    • (Diane sneezes)
      Diane: Aren't you going to say gesundheit?
      Frasier: Diane, I'm afraid we've moved past "gesundheit". We're now on our way to "stuff a sock in it."

    • Norm: Frasier walks out of here with Diane and you get to go home with a dog.
      Sam: Yeah, somebody up there likes me.

    • [Diane's allergy causes her to speak in a high-pitched Munchkin-like voice.]
      Diane: [squeaky] Well? Aren't you going to gloat?
      Sam: [mock squeaky] I'd like to think I'm above that, Diane.

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