Season 7 Episode 15

Don't Paint Your Chickens

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 23, 1989 on NBC

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  • Norm and Rebecca sitting in a bar -- F-A-I-L-I-N-G.

    Rebecca's push for corporate respect takes another turn in this superb episode written by Ken Levine and David Isaacs. She decides to use her marketing skills to Norm's advantage while impressing the highers-up in doing so.

    At first, it appears her efforts are not effective. Giving Norm's painting business a title starting with "AAAA" so it will appear in the phone book first, however, seems to do the trick as a phone call trickles in. Norm is given a job.

    Rebecca quickly lets this get to her head and boldly goes to meet with one of the chief executives of the company. But, after Rebecca has left, Norm receives a second phone call from the same client cancelling the order. So he is given the task of notifying her before she meets with the executive. Norm goes to great lengths to notify her (since she is already in the executive's office). He appears as a window cleaner with the sign "NO JOB" -- classic Cheers comedy here. After some hesitation, Rebecca decides to stick to her guns.

    The chief executive is so surprised by the tough remarks from Rebecca that he decides to hire her in a high-ranking position. But what happens, audience? That's right. The office is soon raided, and the chief executive is taken under arrest. After defensive talk by Rebecca, the chief executive humorously concludes, "No. They've got me dead to rights." Brother, you've gotta love this show. Rebecca ponders her bad fortune, but the audience knows who has worse luck. A rainstorm hits, and poor ol' Norm is stuck outside the building in the rain. Yep, we know whose fortune is even lower.

    There was also a humorous subplot in this episode regarding Sam's behavior with a new girlfriend. Young and athletic, the girl takes Sam everywhere -- hiking, athletic clubs, sports activities, etc. Pretty soon, it takes a toll on Sam. Of course, instead of Sam telling the truth (that he is too old for this kind of wear and tear), he tells her that she can't keep up with his physical exercise activity. She agrees, saying that she now wants a guy with a "calmer" mindset -- dinners, movies, that sort of thing. And she leaves Sam at the bar, alone once again. Frasier gives the perfect punch line: I guess that was somewhat ironic.

    Indeed. Another great episode from the series.