Season 4 Episode 21

Fear is My Co-Pilot

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 1986 on NBC



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    • Diane: We're going to crash. We're going to die. They'll check out our dental records to identify our remains, and I haven't been to Dr. Oberding for as much as a polish in over a year.

    • Diane: Jack, what the hell are you doing alive?

    • Diane: We're sinking.
      Sam: Don't be silly. Ships sink, planes crash.

    • Woody: Mr. Dalton, you've had so many bizarre and terrifying experiences.
      Jack: Some people say I have a death wish. Far from it, I have a life wish.
      Cliff: So does, Normy.
      Norm: What?
      Cliff: He wishes he had one.

    • Diane: (about Jack Dalton) There's not much to say. He's a man I dated a bit in Europe.
      Woody: Was that before or after you dumped Dr. Crane and sent him into an alcoholic tailspin.
      Diane: After.
      Frasier: How long after?
      Diane: Days.

  • Notes

    • Jack Dalton's description of Diane's antics after leaving Frasier at the altar jibes with what Frasier described as "La Dolce Vita" in episode Birth, Death, Love and Rice. Apparently, Diane also went nude at clothing optional beaches and took part in the hazardous running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. When Diane lets her hair down... wow!

    • Michael Ballin, Robert Douglas, Douglas Gray and Thomas Huth won an Emmy for sound mixing for this episode.

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