Season 8 Episode 11

Feeble Attraction

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 07, 1989 on NBC



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    • Doris: Cliff, when you get out of the service, could we go out together?
      Cliff: You know Doris, there's actually no rule against mailmen dating women. It just sort of turns out that way.

    • Rebecca: Carla, come here. There's a handle loose on one of the desk drawers. Do we have a screwdriver?
      Carla: You can't fool me. You're just trying to take that desk apart to look for you ring.
      Rebecca: I am way above that. I would not betray my man's trust. (closes office door and shortly comes back) You know that handle is really loose. Do we have a crowbar?

    • Norm: Frasier, we have to talk. Come on.
      Frasier: No, Norm I'm sorry. I've had it with giving out free psychological advice. It's bad enough I do it as a living but I come to the bar and have to do it here too. I'm not about to analyze this poor pitiful creature who obviously is suffering from very low self-image and finds in you a validation of her sense of self and her own personality. Damn it, I did it again!

    • Carla: My ex-husband hid my engagement ring in a X-rated soap on a rope. He scrubbed my raw for two hours before I found it. Now that's magic time.

    • Norm: We have to get something straight here.
      Doris: Yes, Mr. Peterson.
      Norm: I am not interested in you, okay. I'm not interested in any woman except for my wife and I'm not even interested in her.

    • Norm: Sammy, excuse me. Do you know how to spell courteous?
      Sam: Yeah Norm, just as it sounds. Then check it with Frasier.

    • Sam: (reading his black book) Tina, two stars.
      Cliff: Two stars? That's not very good, is it Sammy?
      Sam: Are you kidding? It was great. That's what she was wearing, two stars.

    • Frasier: Oh my God, he's going to fire the Morton salt girl.

    • Woody: Hey, Mr. Peterson, Jack Frost nipping at your nose?
      Norm: Yep, now let's get Joe Beer nipping at my liver, huh?

  • Notes

    • During the opening Sequence, Frasier makes mention to living in the 90's, however the episode aired on December 7, 1989, 24 days before 1990.

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