Season 11 Episode 9

Feelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 03, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • John Hill apparently finds out Carla's first name in this episode, but in "Crash of the Titans", he refers to Carla by her first name several times.

    • John Hill says he hasn't been to Cheers since the fire. This is untrue - he was there in the episode right before this one after Rebecca tripped the silent alarm at Melville's borrowing plates for Thanksgiving Dinner. [Editor's Note: This episode and the previous episode were aired out of order]

    • Also, here John Hill doesn't know Carla has children, but in the episode "My Son the Father," he knew about her son Gino.

  • Quotes

    • (Carla is visiting John Hill in the hospital and they're trying to talk as friends because he is supposed to stay celibate for eight weeks)
      John Allen Hill: Carla, could you please do me a small favor?
      Carla: Yes, John?
      John Allen Hill: Could you work yourself behind this machinery and unplug my life-support system so that I can leave this life and this agonizing conversation behind?
      Carla: It was fun for me, zit-face!
      John Allen Hill: Sasquatch!
      Carla: Road kill!
      John Allen Hill: Catcher's mitt!
      Carla: Pond scum!
      John Allen Hill: Phlegm face!
      Carla: See you in eight weeks?
      John Allen Hill: Make it four.
      Carla: Make it two.
      John Allen Hill: Pull the curtain.

    • (Carla is describing to Sam what she and John Hill were doing on their date)
      Sam: Do me a favor and just cut to the chase... unless there was a chase. Oh, God, no.

    • (Rebecca and Sam realize that Carla needs to be told that John Hill had a heart attack)
      Frasier: Sam, news of this gravity should be delivered by someone who has studied the human psyche in great detail. Someone who has tact, compassion and an understanding of the human heart.
      Woody: Okay, Dr. Crane. I'll do it, but you gotta deliver this martini. Carla!
      Frasier: Woody, I was referring to myself.
      Woody: Oh, right. Calling Dr. von Ego.

    • John Allen Hill: Ah, Miss Tortelli... is that a new hairdo, or did someone toss a toaster in your bathtub? What am I saying - what would you be doing in a bathtub?
      Carla: Cleaning you out of the drain.
      John Allen Hill: Yeasty oil slick!
      Carla: Bladder polyp!
      John Allen Hill: Man witch!
      Carla: Perverted goat boy!
      John Allen Hill: Sluttish mole!
      Carla: Seven o'clock tonight?
      John Allen Hill: Make it 6:30.

    • (The gang hears that John Hill had a heart attack)
      Rebecca: Should we visit him at the hospital? Who wants to go? Come on you guys... he's our neighbor... we know him. We should see him in the hospital.
      Norm: Rebecca, it's not like he's our best friend or anything.
      Rebecca: Norm, that's not the point. The point is you have to pretend to be nice to people - that's what makes you a good person.

    • Cliff: Trix are for kids and der Furher, too!

    • Cliff: Hitler brainwashed my landlord.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The episode title is a line from Morris Albert's song, "Feelings," which was an international hit in the 1970s.