Season 8 Episode 15

Finally! (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Cliff, Norm, and Frasier are standing outside Little Wally's, the shot changes to a shot of Frasier, which suddenly goes out of focus and racks back into focus.

  • Quotes

    • Frasier: How come I only got to eat one burger?
      Cliff: It's cause you're the designated driver.

    • Sam: Do me one favor, will ya.
      Rebecca: Sure, what is it?
      Sam: Go to bed with me.
      Rebecca: Oh Sam, you never stop.
      Sam: I'm sorry. It's in my genes.
      Rebecca: That's where it's gonna stay.

    • Rebecca: He did it. He said it. Those three little words.
      Sam: Walk the plank.

    • Sam: Rebecca and Robin started making out in the back of the limo. So I offered to do the gentlemanly thing.
      Cliff: What's that?
      Sam: Let them dump me out on the railroad tracks.
      Carla: Oh man. That Colcord is a real jerk.
      Sam: Yeah, he just pulled over and let me out.
      Carla: He stopped the car? So what are you whining about?

    • Rebecca: Sam, you're still here?
      Sam: I feel like I shouldn't be.
      Rebecca: Well we'd appreciate that, Sam.

    • Robin: Rebecca, you look lovely.
      Rebecca: I looked lovelier and hour and a half ago.
      Robin: Well darling, we all age.

    • Rebecca: This could be the night. I am so excited to be alone with Robin after that dinner.
      Carla: Yeah for 1,000 bucks a plate you should give it to him during dinner.

    • Rebecca: Robin is back in town and tonight he is mine. So would you like to know where we are going and you are not?
      Norm: My house.

    • A blond comes into the bar
      Sam: Uh oh blond at 2 o'clock. Blond at 4 o'clock. Blond at 6 o'clock.
      Woody: What are you talking about Sam? She hasn't even moved.
      Sam: I know. I know. I'm just trying to fit her into my schedule here.

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