Season 8 Episode 16

Finally! (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 1990 on NBC



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    • Sam: Well did you tell [Robin] to take off?
      Rebecca: No Sam, that would be the easy thing for me to do.
      Sam: Did you let him off the hook? Did he promise he wasn't going to see anymore women?
      Rebecca: No Sam, that would be the easy thing for him to do.
      Sam: What are we left with?
      Rebecca: A deeper understanding of our relationship and what we are mature adults are going to do to make it work out.
      Sam: You bought that?

    • Rebecca: Robin, I need a one woman man.
      Robin: And I am a one woman man. It's just that I'm still looking for the one woman.

    • Rebecca: Robin, I am not the kind of person who fools around with just anybody.
      Christine: Are you saying I am?
      Rebecca: Ballerina, why don't you make like a swan and die?

    • Norm: [Rebecca's] taken to replacing the beer nuts to these little candy hearts that say "Hold me," "I'm yours," "Lovey dovey." Hey "Free beer."
      Woody: Oh no Mr. Peterson, you fooled me once.

    • Norm: I can't believe [Rebecca's] got a harp in here.
      Woody: Look how great it slices these eggs.

    • Robin: Sam, I want to thank you for your discretion last night. That is if running along side a screaming woman with a sack over her head can be called discretion.

    • Frasier: [Robin] is absolutely nothing more than a rich spoiled narcissistic philanderer. I hate myself for envying him so.

    • Rebecca: (to Sam) You need help. Real help, not Frasier!

  • Notes

    • This episode was followed by the Late Night with David Letterman 8th Anniversary Special. The cold opening featured the Cheers cast surfing for something to watch on TV. When the remote broke the TV was stuck on the Letterman special which emptied the bar.

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