Season 7 Episode 13

Golden Boyd

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1989 on NBC

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  • A welcome introduction to the Gaines family

    Woody, the ever-innocent, naive, and blockheaded bartender from Cheers, grows into a man in this episode.

    Woody and Sam are more or less conned by Rebecca into bartending at a rich family's gathering. While at the event, Sam finds a clever (and humorous) way to make some extra tips while Woody's ever-present question mark comebacks are misconstrued by Kelly Gaines as sarcastic humor (She, of course, is just as block-headed as Woody). Unfortunately, her boyfriend has the same reaction.

    Nash (the boyfriend) challenges Woody to a duel. Sam fortunately stops them at the Gaines mansion. However, they agree to meet the next day at Cheers. As it turns out, Woody meets Nash's fist in epic style. "Woody! Woody! Woody!" the bar cheers. And then one punch. "Rich guy! Rich guy! Rich guy!" the bar then shouts out. Great scene.

    Kelly later comes to apologize for Nash's brute force behavior. It is clear Kelly has a thing for Woody, so Sam encourages Woody to ask Kelly for a date. She agrees, hoping to prove to Nash she is not to be messed around with.

    Nash "gets the picture" and promises to be a better boyfriend. So Woody stays out of the way and watches them go off. But Cupid is on their side, and both agree to go out again. And thus we have the start to Woody and Kelly.

    What's so nice about the episode is its simplicity. It is more or less focused on this one story (Often there are two in a Cheers episode, but this particular effort is generally a one-story show). This focus helps because, while the show is not particularly funny, it is certainly humorous and playfully charming. And, really, this is what Cheers is always like when it is at its best. The characters may not be the best and/or the brightest, but we love them for it.

    Golden Boyd is another fine effort for the bar where everybody knows your name.