Season 9 Episode 25

Home Malone

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1991 on NBC

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  • Home Malone

    A good later episode of Cheers here. I actually got to watch this on some weird local channel in NJ, but thankfully they showed this classic sitcom as not many other channels do.

    You had two great storylines here. In a rare one outside of the bar, we had Sam babysit for Freddie who locked him out of the apartment twice. This was as funny as it was obvious. Sometimes these childish storylines work and this was one of them.

    The other storyline with Woody's girlfriend working there produced some good moments. Solid two storyline episode. Definitely one to watch if you can.
  • Something is missing when the scenes shift out of the bar.

    For me, this show was always about the bar and the interaction between the regulars. It was first and foremost, an ensemble cast. Hence, when episodes focus mainly on one character, at home or elsewhere, something is lacking. This happened increasingly often in the later seasons. The first two seasons were set almost exclusively in the bar. The scenes with Sam and Freddy were good for showing the maturity of Sam, and great when Freddy shows he knows what open means. Of course, the second time he locked the door, Sam should have asked him to open the window, and he would have opened the door. The side plots, in the bar, seem pointless, inserted only to give the others a few lines. So, I would call it average, although average is a very high standard on this series.
  • This episode shows Sam looking after Freddie, sounds disasterous right?

    After going through a host of perspective babay sitters, Frasier and Lilith ask Sam, despite Lilith's trepidations. Sam is thrilled to since he loves Freddie and has a great time looking after him. However, Sam is Sam afterall and things don't go quite to plan. Freddie locks himself in the bathroom so Sam climbs out the window and gets locked out, and in an adorable scene where Freddie shows Sam how well he knows how to open things, he opens the door, leaving Sam in the storm on the window sill.

    Sam falls out the tree and re-enters the house but gets stuck outside again. However, he doesn't neglect his responsibilty and watches Freddie from the tree all night. When Frasier and Lilith get home, Freddie's sound asleep and Sam's still in the tree.

    Brilliant epiosde, not only because of its comedic value but because of how much Sam has matured since the pilot. He shows such a brilliant side of his character and it makes good viewing
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