Season 7 Episode 7

How to Win Friends and Electrocute People

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 1988 on NBC

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  • A comedy gold mine

    I'll never ask Cliff how to make friends. But I'll laugh at his efforts to do so.

    In fact, there is no sequence on television that has tickled me more than John Ratzenberger's unbelievably hysterical performance as Cliff when he returns to the bar after "major" surgery.

    Wanting to win over his bar buddies, he decides to resort to minor electroshock therapy to improve his behavior in front of his friends. In typical Cheers fashion, this plan goes south very fast. Especially when the person controlling the electric shocks becomes power hungry (or lustful, regarding Rebecca, that is). John Ratzenberger absolutely nails the scene. In the final cut filmed for the episode, you can see a few of the cast members giggling (Pay particular attention to George Wendt). I doubt any take occurred without uncontrollable laughter from the cast and crew.

    Cheers was great at throwing in subtle hints of "moral lessons" while surrounding them with "mindless" humor. The show was never too serious, and you knew there was skullduggery at work whenever a "things are all better" scene occurred. So when Cliff and his friends make up, wouldn't you know someone's taken control of the "shock remote". And who better than Pete? "Dance, mailman!"

    Kudos also to Bebe Neuwirth in this episode, who played the maniac-behind-wheels Lilith. Ted Danson and Neuwirth had a tremendous scene in the episode (when Sam tells Frasier that Lilith is a menace to drivers everywhere).

    Cheers to this series masterpiece.