Season 6 Episode 2

'I' on Sports

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1987 on NBC

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  • G-g-g-Groin Injury

    Another classic Cheers episode and it came only two shows into the Rebecca Howe era. Sam\'s old buddy Dave comes to the bar to offer Sam a chance to do the evening sports on Channel 13. Sam accepts the offer and begins playing hookey from the bar in order to get to the tv station. What follows are some of Sam\'s best moments ever as he ends each sportscast with his own editorial commentary. Problem is that he gives us some of the most cliche commentaries possible. The interaction with anchor woman Joanne is priceless and who could forget his rap song with the unforgettable, \"g-g-g-groin injury\"? He eventually get\'s fired by the TV station but his short TV career was a memorable one.
  • Sam's friend Dave Richards (Fred Dryer) asks Sam to fill in for him on his sports show, but however hard poor Sam tries, he can't seem to get his commentaries right

    This episode is such a classic, one of my all time favourites. Sam's casanova friend Dave asks him to fill in on his sports show I on sports. Sam agrees and pretends that he's been robbed to get out of work in brillaint Woody scene (I haven't seen Woody shine like that in a while. Anyway, Rebecca soon find out about Sam's disappearing act but lets him do the show anyway. Sam is terrible at it though, completely rubbish at his commentaries so he tries several things:

    A sports rap:
    Time to rap about a controversy
    Gonna take a stand, wont show no mecy
    A lot of folks say jocks shouldn't be
    Doin the sports news on TV
    I dont wanna hear the latest scores
    From broadcasting school bore
    So get your scores from a guy like me
    Who knows what its like to have a groin injury
    Gra..Gra...Groin Injury!

    And a Ventriloquist act with 'Little Sam'

    The whole episode is simply classic especially with such highlights as the gangs' reaction to Sam's appearances, Sam and Carla purposely ruining their uniforms, along with Woody's uniform, Woody's phone holding, and the rap/ventriloquist acts...this is must see, and will convert anyone into a fan and those who don't find it funny don't really deserve a sense of humour.

    Sam: My knowledge of sports, my good looks, my ability to rhyme.....